Digital Scholarship and Research Skills, and Innovative Leadership and Management

Preparing librarians and academics for their new roles in the information and technology driven age is one of the essential work that needs to be taken into account for any academic and research universities. Therefore, Vietnamese-German University (VGU) Library is also in the phase of changing their roles to adapt with the new development as well as the new era. To tailor the new requirements and missions, VGU has invited our former consultant for VGU library development, Ms. Janine Schmidt and Angela Vilkins to organize the training program “New Library Development Training” to support not only VGU librarians but also other university librarians and academics in developing innovative services, acquiring new research skills in digital scholarship and enhancing learners’ capacities to employ new technologies and standards for university and libraries in the ongoing changing future.

Due to the above objectives, Vietnamese-German University has organized an extensive training program by World Bank fund, from May to November 2020. The training is reflected to adapt with the requirements of Covid time and changing mode of delivery. We had both effective online training via Google Classroom and 2 days onsite for participants in VGU Binh Duong campus. Our trainers couldn’t come to Vietnam due to travel restriction, thus conducting all training sessions via Zoom meeting, from Australia. Despite of distant training, we received most positive feedback from participants. They found that it is a rewarding opportunity for their professional knowledge update, acquiring new skills in the digital world and establishing new connections with colleagues.


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