An Environmental science Livestream – Water technology, reuse, and management: From theory to practice

With the help of experts in the environmental science field, VGU brings you a particular discussion about “WATER TECH, REUSE & MANAGEMENT: From Theory to Practice.” This is a chance for us to look back on the reality of water demand and water treatment, as well as expectations about what comes next.

1. A full picture on water treatment tech, reuse, and management

Water has always been a hot spot in the Environment Science field, especially consider its warning stage in recent years. In the last few decades, the growth in water demand has doubled the global population and will reach 4,350 billion cubic meters by 2040. Water demand growth is also likely to vary based on region and sector. However, water treatment systems are slow to accommodate changes in supply or demand.

Luckily, there is an encouraging number of innovative technologies, systems, processes, and management approaches emerging for water treatment, including new water treatment systems, business models, and approaches to effectively managing water resources.

2. A straightforward conversation

Our livestream honor to have the presence of two environmental science expert:

  • Dr. Tran Le Luu – Academic coordinator of Water Technology, Reuse, and Management Program of Vietnamese-German University
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing Martin Wagner – Director of Institute of Water Resources Technische Universität Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt, Germany) cum Professor, Program Director of Water Technology, Reuse and Management Program VGU

Two guests offer their unique view on the matter, as the importance of water technology in relation to environmental science, ecology, economic, regional, and global impact. Or how can environmental science can and will deliver a solution in water treatment?

At the same time, the guests also emphasize the role of education in upgrading the playing field of Water technology. A program like Master’s Degree off Water Technology, Reuse, and Management is renowned in the environmental science field, field, with the quality certified by German accreditation agencies. Main points of argument include:
How will the WTE program contribute to the sustainable urban drainage, water treatment, and management in general and in Vietnam?

The relation between WTE, taking into account their technical, social, economic, and ecological, regional, and global impacts?


The guests give some in-depth opinion on the wastewater treatment issue

3. A program on Water Technology, Reuse, and Management

As we know, WTE in Germany has a long tradition of water research and water study around the world. Students study some subjects like spatial planning, river basin management, water treatment processes, the economics of infrastructure, and fundamentals of waste technology… then specialization in the areas of Water and Wastewater and River Management. Prof. Dr.-Ing Martin Wagner and Dr. Tran Le Luu explain in detail about why the study programs are to focus on the areas of Water and Wastewater treatment and River Management. Furthermore, is the role of water treatment and management concerning Vietnam and then Asia or the world?

Through the presentation of two program directors, we also learn that, besides teaching, these Water Tech, Reuse, and Management programs focus hugely on the research department. Each year, there are many opportunities to research in the field of academic, public sector, and industries. Dr. Tran Le Luu introduces some of the recent projects on water treatment systems or environmental science, and point out their success, along with the perk of internship and research in Germany for the researcher. There are several scholarship opportunities available at VGU, include Merit scholarship, DAAD Scholarship, WUS scholarship,…Anyone who interests in the subject matter can try to apply for it.

The guests also discuss a little about the importance of the Water Tech Lab and how it will be a benefit to the WTE students in the training and research, and how the laboratories in VGU are playing a massive part in several environmental science projects mentioned above.

In the end, the live stream is a success with a ton of useful information about water treatment and management, how it applies to everyday life, and its focus in the master program offered at VGU. It was VGU’s pleasure to have the assist of two special expert Prof. Dr.-Ing Martin Wagner and Dr. Tran Le Luu. All agree for more lives tream about environmental science matter like this in the future!

For more details about the discussion, you can watch the whole livestream here https://youtu.be/bHGZWmO9C6M